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Be extraordinary. Be spectacular.  Be Unique. Be YOU!

Embrace who you are! Strive for greatness!

As the owner of Aerial Culture, a modern circus & fitness lifestyle brand, AC’s platform focuses on improving & enriching the circus & aerial industry standards. AC ambassadors are highly successful professionals, athletes and influencers in the circus and entertainment communities & teach a wide range of workshops all across the US and internationally.

We create safe environments for open, conscious discussion about our culture in today’s ever expanding culture. We advocate to inspire, educate and positively influence working professional, aspiring students & coaches worldwide.

Aerial Culture manufactures superiorly engineered products designed for the 21st century entertainer & fun fashionable fitness apparel.

Mathieu teaches with a philosophy that focuses on compound quality. The countless details are often the only difference between mediocre and magnificent. I’ve spent over 12 years educating & exploring  myself on a multiple of platforms, physical, mental, spiritual & refining the method in which to communicate these tools to others, to best serve their needs.

I want to enhance & improve the standard of teaching in studios across the world. Technical & artistic movements for both professionals and future professionals a like.. We create the opportunity for you to say YES to your greatness , to realize your full potential.

Properly constructed fitness programming are carefully designed with the belief that anyone, regardless of age, previous injury or level of experience can safely embrace the aerial & circus arts.

We create energy!